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How to Use LinkedIn to Complete Your Tasks

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Are you working on a new project, renovating your house, or building your small business? Do you need someone to help you out? LinkedIn is the world's largest online professional network with more than 300 million users, why not use your LinkedIn network to find the right connection to complete your tasks?

Let's start with a few easy steps, first request an invite to join Actionmint. After receiving your invitation, follow a few easy steps to complete your registration, or you can do this quickly and easily with your LinkedIn account. Publish an Open Task on our free Marketplace and use our search agent to find the most suitable LinkedIn connections for your task. Selected connections will receive a notification on LinkedIn with an invitation to apply.

After reviewing all applicants and choosing the right one, you'll be ready to collaborate on Actionmint, share files, track task progress and discuss. All Actionmint's basic functions are free of charge.

If you don't want to publish your Open Task on our public Marketplace, you can always do that privately by creating a project and using our search agent to find and invite someone suitable for the task directly to your project.

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Manage Your Projects on Any Mobile Device

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Accessing and managing all your projects is now even easier! Since more and more business information is exchanged on mobile devices, it’s essential for your team members to access updates, reports and tasks on their mobile phones and tablets. Manage your projects and get work done wherever you are.

Actionmint is now optimized for mobile browsers on all major mobile devices, giving you quick and easy access to basic features irregardless of your location. It's specifically adapted for your smartphone to deliver an improved browsing experience, making it easier than ever to track your projects and collaborate with your team.