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Crowd Control

Crowd Control brings you the best-in-class talent for your projects. We represent vendors and individuals who are at the top of their game in:

• Design
• Development
• Game Creation
• Mobile & App Development
• Social Media Strategy and Execution
• Sound Design
• Original Content Creation
• Motion Graphics.

Need a full time staff person? We can help you there. Need a designer for a day? We can help you there too. Need a team to jump in with real muscle? We will bring you dependable, appropriate, qualified and vetted boutique agencies who do beautiful work.

We were producers and strategists in a past life, which means we means we know what makes a great resource and partner. We don’t just make an introduction and leave the party, rather we carefully create a strategy to staff your projects and get your job done the right way, keeping scope, budget and creative integrity in mind with every decision. Take advantage of our experience on the ground level of project development and production and let us curate your resource pool.

Company Specialties

  • Business Process
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Staffing

Company Information

Company Location
1626 S sierra bonita, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Main Company Industry
Marketing & Advertising
Company Size
Year Founded