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Anya Faingersh

My name is Anya Faingersh and I write AnyaWorkSmart to help everyone to make their life easier. Yes, EASIER.

Whether we are entrepreneurs, business owners, contractors or working for The MAN, we are “burning” considerable parts of our precious lives in a work place. As much as we may like our jobs, they will still drain our energy and time, because this is what a “job” is – exchanging your time and energy for money.

But why should we spend SO MUCH energy and time, that we could rather use for many other meaningful things? Why can’t we break the cycle of spending more to get more? Well, maybe we can. There is actually a whole science of doing things smarter.

For many years now my job is to help people and organizations to improve their productivity. Throughout my career I’ve been wearing hats of Project Manager, Process Improvement Specialist, Business Process Analyst, and Industrial Engineer. I was, and still am, lucky enough to work with remarkable people and to be exposed to a variety of industries, from Manufacturing and Chemicals to Semiconductors and Telecommunications, and I think it allowed me to accumulate some knowledge about how people work. Today I see that some behavioral patterns of people, systems and people in systems have several amazing peculiarities, that altogether signify an inexplicable ineptness to do things right.

Professional Skills

  • Business Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management

Profile Information

TD Bank Group
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Toronto, Canada