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How Entrepreneurs Avoid Downfall: The One Essential Ingredient

Working with hundreds of folks each year who have an idea that they want to build into a business, I’ve seen every kind of approach to entrepreneurship, and every type of mindset. Some view it only as a way to make fabulous money, some are passionate about their cause, others have finely-crafted 5-year plans, and others yet adhere to a “Build It and They Will Come” philosophy and don’t worry about plans.
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How to Avoid the 7 Worst Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

In my previous role as VP of Marketing in the corporate arena, and in the past 10 years of advising entrepreneurs and small businesses in their marketing efforts (and in my own business), I’ve seen great marketing strategies and tactics implemented, as well as terrible ones. In tough economic times like these, as in all times, small businesses must be very prudent in their investments and marketing, and understand exactly what to expect in terms of their return on investment.
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5 Signs That You're Ready for a Career Change

As a writer on career issues, I receive scores of emails each month from working people with questions about every aspect of their professional lives and aspirations. Some want to quit, others want to start their own businesses, and some want to be promoted, get a raise, move to another country, tell their boss to jump off a bridge, etc. Some questions represent a dilemma that hundreds of thousands of people are facing, like this one I received recently:
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